Monday, June 13, 2011

The Tabletop Workshop

Well all, this is my first blog post to what will be my central update mechanism.  You probably know who I am and the kind of stuff I do if you are here, but if not I'll fill ya in.  My name is R.C. and I like to build scale models, scratchbuild, cast replicate, basically anything to do with modelcraft I'm into, or into learning about.  I'm not claiming to be an expert on anything, but I will post the work I do here and once in a while include a tutorial or two if requested to.  

Now that being said this is the 5 foot picnic table I use as my mancave workshop.  I built it using wood and pegboard to hold up my modeling tools.  I have a little space in the garage also dedicated to modeling stuff, but that's mainly just for painting.  I have done some plastic models, some resin kits, and a few of my own scratchbuilds which I will upload soon to act as a sort of portfolio for this stuff.  Well for now this is it, but I will update this page soon!  If you are a fan of my work and want to be in the know and up-to-date without having to search forums for my threads just subscribe to by adding your email to the tabe at the top of the page.  It means I will own your soul, but hey a small price to pay to tell me how much ya love me right!  hehe.

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