Saturday, September 29, 2012

These took four hours, but they're pretty!

Hey all,
   I decided to go ahead and make a small mountain of mono eyes, lenses, and random round things tonight.  Not that I just had tons of extra time, but I couldn't wait to test the colors and get some small lenses cured.  I made sure to make tons of the pink ones for zeon mono eyes for any future builds like that sms kampfer conversion I got a little while ago.  I also have a neat idea for the clear lenses that I haven't seen done before that I plan to share soon once I make a test version.  (possible detail up add on part kit accessory)  But anyway here is my bunch of curing colored clear apoxy resin.

I mixed up the clear apoxy resin and since it has a 5 hour pot life (really more like 3.5 with the conditions in this room) I had plenty of time to color tint the various little pallets of apoxy.  I carefully used a bamboo skewer and dabbed it into the liquid and let gravity do the rest when I dabbed it again onto a smooth mold top.  I use the tops of various molds because they are smooth number one, and two because the apoxy won't cure to it.  Now there are some oblong shapes and circles that merged or were made mishapen, but no worries as if even half of them are good its a crapload of good lenses of various sizes and colors, and this in reality only took 65 grams of apoxy.  Yeah and I had a ton leftover because I'm stupid and always mix too much.  hehe.  So it would require even less than I used by half.  But you do need a certain amount of material just to make sure your mix ratio has a little play.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Neon Clear Casting!

Hey All,
    The neon yellow clear beam saber blade finally cured enough to demold and I wanted to show it off. 

I gotta say I like the coloring.  I think it will look sweeter once it's dunked in future floor polish.  I'm gonna try out a pink one next I think. 

The clear stand was cured enough to demold too.  I gotta say I really like it!

It still needs a little bit more cure time to harden all the way as this clear stuff takes FOEVAH!  But it will add to the kit presentation a lot and I think I really may use these for the sellable kits.  I am going to try to have an update on the different color casts of the clear lens parts next.  I may pour those tomorrow night in a variety of colors and sizes.  I also have a friend who is starting up working with aluminum so we all may have the capability of designing and making our own custom aluminum parts soon!  But I'll fill you all in as that happens.  He's working on making the LG thruster vents in aluminum right now, but I'll fill you all in as that happens.

Stay tuned mechaholics...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

DIY Clear Tinted Detail Lenses

Hey All,
   I just had a kewl experience yesterday with an experiment I did.  I had poured a bunch of clear apoxy resin for my clear parts I'm casting for the kits I'm gonna sell, and I had a bunch of extra clear apoxy left over.  Let me start off by saying I hate wasting materials when I don't have to.  So with that in mind I had to find something to use the material for, and I found it.  Clear lenses!  Now these don't look clear because I tinted them with two drops of red pigment and some yellow, pink, and red fluorescent pigment for a little brightness, but if I hadn't they would be totally clear.

So what I did was just dab a bamboo skewer flat head down into the liquid and then onto the smooth silicone until it beaded up the natural way liquids do.  Some didn't turn out circular enough, but the greater majority of them are round and usable once they cure all the way.
Just showing off the various sizes that were created.

This is in actuality less liquid than in a couple thimbles believe it or not.

The awesome thing is I barely used enough apoxy resin to fill a couple thimbles.  I can make TONS of detail lenses in clear resin now and I can color cast them in any color pretty much.  I'm gonna try neon green next I think or maybe I'll do a bunch of different colors.  It's a possibility that I may gather up some variety packs of the lenses in various sizes and colors and sell a few if folks want them.  (They are incredibly useful and pretty I think.)  Now let me show off what they look like on some otherwise kinda crappy items.

Before adding lens onto this Gundam Fix Figuration FAZZ.
After adding lens onto the FAZZ.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Some clear parts...

Hey All,
   I just wanted to drop a quick post showin the clear parts I made yesterday.  I just wanted to test out how the parts would end up, and overall I'm pretty satisfied.  I wish the jet nose lens was a little bit shinier, but I'm not complaining, it looks pretty good.  A little dunk in some future should clear it up nice, so to those getting a kit if you want a super shiny clear jet nose lens, some Future (or Pledge with Future Shine) is in your future.  That was a horrible pun and I apologize.  Anyway the plasma blade turned out great and clear, just like I wanted.  The base stand assembly is a little bit frosted which turned out just how I wanted, although I still need to pour the stand support arm tomorrow to see how it looks.  I'm not sure whether I will make the stands clear or color casted resin, but I suppose I can give the buyer the option, the clear stand may cost a couple bucks more for the expensive clear apoxy resin, and it takes like 24-36 hours for each pouring to cure of that stuff.  Yeah it's a pain but it looks soo kewl!  Anyway photos!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Decal Mock-up Idea and Blog Layout

Hey all,
   Yesterday I had a little bit of extra time so I decided to try to do a color scheme mock-up and layout idea for decals.  Given this is just a preliminary idea before I start making any art, but I think it has potential to look pretty cool as a decal set.  The colors I was pretty much set on a while back.  It's kind of just like my Cairn Freya but I feel like this project is almost what that project should have looked like, but I just wasn't capable of doing this kind of sculpt then.  (Hopefully in the future I can progress to a point where I think that this sculpt is amateurish haha.)  Anyway here is my color and decal mock up.

I've always loved the line decals on the MG Sinanju kit, and I wanted to do something similar to that. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Video Update!

Hey all,
   I just made a video update showing off various parts of the LG.  Feel free to share this with your friends!  It shows off the humanoid mode, burn mode, and the inner frame some.

BTW I think I said the link to this blog incorrectly in the video.  haha it's my own blog and I don't know the address.  Derp.  :(

 Link in case of video issues: Click Here

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

1/100 Lanzegeist Fully Transformable Kit With Full Inner Frame

Hey All,
   I have been on the forums little and less the last 6 months, and for that I apologize.  However this was for a good reason, I was working on a project that I wanted to keep secret until I had the first cast completed.  That project is:


model number: MASF-OAM-LG-001
magnus arms space fleet orbital assault machine lanzegeist
power generator: immersive fusion reactor
maximum power output: unknown
armor plating: thorexium carbide
pilot accomodation: 1 pilot extended occupancy cabin
with long term life support unit
thrust potential: theoretical top speed 18.2 km/s @ orbital alt.
thrust instrumentation: dual biaxial deflected afterburners
armaments: dual long range missile bays, "gotcha" grapple claw,
dual quad cluster bomb array, Hulkatr long range high density beam cannon
quad chest unidirectional beam condensors, two 360 degree light laser turrets,
two 360 degree medium laser turrets, two plasma beam swords,
optional magnetic deflector shield array self deploying
variable modes: high speed orbital fighter jet and humanoid fighter modes