Tuesday, June 28, 2011

T-Shirt Designs and Rant on "Deep" People

This is kind of off-topic, but recently I decided to create some T-Shirt designs and have them printed.  I am a fan of DIY stuff whenever possible, as I make my models, my animations, music, storyboard, etc., so I thought having T-Shirts printed was a cool idea.  I made three kinda neat ideas, the first is just a movie T-Shirt of my Movie with the main battleship cruising above Earth.  The second and third are just goofy ones for me and the wife.  Here are the actual logos I made.

The movie logo is just as I explained, pretty simple.  Just a plug.  The Buh Buh-Shiba logo is a modification of the Japanese stop-motion commercials for baby-shiba, but I drew up a version that looks like our dog Butter that we call Buh Buh.  Just kinda funny I thought.  The third design is one I sketched up originally as a tattoo idea, then I scanned it onto the computer, then I used GIMP to darken the borders and add some shading and clarifying lines.  The meaning is kinda silly but I love it, I'll explain.  The demon penguins are from a game called Disgaea and they are supposedly the souls of those that have gone to hell, and in hell they earn reincarnation by working off their debt to buy back life.  Since the wife and I think religion is silly, (and thus by some we are labeled the damned) I thought that having representations of us as these guys would be funny.  I also made the pink one myself as my wife is more man than me.  (haha no seriously she hits harder than me.)  I also have a fanny pak that I use to hold all my modeling tools that I thought would identify me.  We also are holding the flowers for peace and for another inside joke.  Here are what a couple of them look like on the website before ordering.

Again just an off-topic kinda day, but it made me happy and I wanted to share it. 

    I still may get the prinnies tattooed on my inner arm soon.  I think it looks cool, and I've made a serious commitment to not get too serious tattoos.  No people names, no "this skull is for my dead gramma" crap.  No "The butterfly represents my Great Uncle's love of nature nevermind that it's on my upper buttocks" shite.  That stuff is stupid.  And what my wife and I think of as somebody trying way too hard to be deep.  I ain't claiming to know all there is to know, but I do know that I like being happy and I think people that take all this stuff too seriously are no fun.  Just like when musicians try to describe their music by saying "it doens't sound like anything else I've heard" or "we don't like to define ourselves" I just kinda chuckle.  Nothin new under the sun mate.  Nothin new.  Being deep and mysterious is way overrated, and the bipolar side effects of folks being that way are equally so.  hehe.  Sorry for the rant, but sometimes it's good to remind myself not to take most things seriously. 

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