Wednesday, June 29, 2011

1/100 Drehksturm WIP Part I and 1/2

I wanted to post this just because the 3D printers send me these photos of my Drehksturm Rifles asking me if the discoloration was acceptable.  I ordered the part in a material that is supposed to be clear and  with ultra detail, however the only thing I care about really is getting the part structurally sound, with it's detail, and smooth.  So I said ship em!  I'm gonna use them to make casts almost immediately anyway so it's no big deal.  Kinda looks funny in the photos, but once these bad boys are cast they will look delicious.  DELICIOUS!  The rifle with the plasma canister add-on on the bottom is the one I will probably use since I updated the other one to make it.  Wifey also weighed in on it and that means it was made by two amazing brains instead of one!  Hah!  Take that modesty!  Anyway I should hopefully receive them soon.  After I get all the Drehksturm stuff done, cast, replicated and then painted I will move on to my long running project the 1/100 Cairn Loki.  I've gotten a few people wanting to see that one done, as well as myself so I will get on it at that time.  PHOTO! (thanks to Christel Hagens from shapeways for the photo!)

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