Thursday, June 16, 2011

Char's Counterattack Diorama Part III

Today I was feeling sick still, and I slept wrong so my neck hurt a bunch, but besides my whining I decided to make use of the day and paint some.  Again not my favorite thing to do but it does help get closer to the goal of the finished diorama.  I must say before I go on that I ran out of flat top coat, so the difference in the color you see is just from that.  The red color
I used for shading is from the same exact mixture bottle, the newer coats just don't have flat coat on them to diffuse the light.  Once topcoated it will look the same.  
Anyway the legs were a challenge to do because the upper leg armor didn't meet flush and it had to be painted after being glue on top of the gray knee parts, so I had to efficiently mask the knee off.  Since I've had such bad luck in the past with paint coming off I was scared it would just peel right off with the tape, bot NOPE!  It seems the 24 hour purple power bath and subsequent dishsoap rinse did wonders for cleaning up the surface.  One would think it would as that's the purpose of  that crap, but still I was so happy when I pulled the tape off and the paint was as pristine as when I put the tape down.  (pssst in the past I didn't wash the parts well enough to disastrous effect, so if you are reading and you think you can get by painting without washing parts first, think again, you're just wasting your time painting if the paint won't stick from mold release.)  Anyway after the preshading (the red is 3 parts red to 1 part white) I clear coated the parts and did my oil paint wash for the panel lines.  Then after it dried and I used the turpenoid to clean up, I clear coated again.  It's really shiny, but it will be matte when I'm done.  I think anyway.  Although shiny does look really neat.  I dunno.  Anyway pictures, enjoy.

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