Thursday, June 14, 2012

Drehksturm Box Art Completed! Decay is awesome.

Hey All,
   I'm not dead, in fact I've been incredibly busy working on my mecha projects lately.  I haven't posted them for a reason but I will fill you all in on them soon.  I do however have awesome news that most of you who read this (all four of you hehe) already know; Decay has finished the first cast of the Drehksturm!  Yay!!

I must say it looks amazing, the painting and weathering looks beautiful, and the decals that Decay and Kamm designed and printed are perfect.  I am totally proud to be a part of the making of this kit, even though I had nothing to do with the painting or the decals, which may just be the coolest part.  I have taken my two favorite photos of Decay's post on this, (which you can find here) and used them to make the top and bottom labels for the box art.  There will be a cool surprise relative to the box labels that I will share soon, but for now let us just bask in the glory that is the culmination of at least three modeler's hard work.  And yeah I know I'm totally feeling egotistical that I had a part in such a cool looking project.  My hat is off to Marc and Kamm as well.  Love you guys and great job.


Thanks to all of you guys who have shown an interest in getting one of the drehksturm conversion kits, (Russ) and know that I'm working on getting the instruction manual together now, and will be making the casts in the weeks to come.  It's finally warm enough to start up castin' again.  As Marc said in his post however, since this is my first kit casting it is not the most user friendly kit, and if you haven't worked with resin before I suggest you maybe hold off on getting one.  I'll make the instructions as complete and thorough as I can, but I didn't use any peg guides, which would have helped a bit in assembly.  Most of the part just snap on the inner frame quite well, but there are those that need to be glued that you will have to visually line up.  I'll go into more detail on that for any interested parties.  I'm only gonna maybe cast at most 8-10 of these, and probably only like 5 or so if there are interested people.  The price is gonna be about $55-60 just for the cost of the materials used, no profit for me.  I just want to see people making them.  You gotta pay your own shipping though.  I hope to see a couple of you guys try one of these out.

In a separate tangent I have a project that I've been working on for the last few months almost completed, and I can't wait to share it but I want it to be a surprise.  Needless to say it is something that I have put all of myself into, so hopefully it will show in the work.  I will hopefully be able to announce this really soon, maybe in a few weeks.

Stay tuned mechaholics...