Wednesday, June 15, 2011

1/100 Drehksturm WIP

This work in progress is called the Drehksturm.  You've probably seen in on the forums if you are visiting, but if not that's great cause you'll get to see something new.  This is another of my scratchbuilds where I use a MG Gundam frame for the skeleton and make a conversion kit.  This kit I actually intend to cast and make a few kits to sell, but right now I'm waiting on the rifle to be prototyped.  I made a 3D design of it and I had it sent to a 3D printing company that does that sort of thing.  I should get the prototype back soon.

  For the kit itself I have mainly finished most of the body that I need to cast, with a few minor exceptions.  When I do builds like this it's important to know that I generally make one side of the body and then cast that armor for the other side.  This way I only need to make a few molds and it saves me aggravation in making sure the parts are symmetrical.  Well for this guys I used a MG Zeta 2.0 as the base kit.  Here is a WIP video that shows what the build up to this point looked like through the weeks.  

Since this update video I also made a shield and it's on a ball joint, and snaps right onto the wrist.  I think it goes well with the design.  Here is the video of the shield.

Then I primed it and took some more photos.

Here are some pics of the design of the rifle I have coming.

I'm pretty much just working on the Char's Counterattack diorama because I'm waiting on the rifle to come.  So I will continue with that build as I wait, but I will probably focus more of my attention on this again once the rifle comes.  Then I will start the casting.  I like the casting sometimes cuz I get to make a mold and then wait for 24 hours so I feel like I'm doing something even while I'm just waiting.  Then I can play video games and not feel guilty.  hehe.  Well that's all for now, I just wanted to add this WIP to the blog so folks know where the build is at the moment.  Cheers!

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