Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Build Off: Robot Head!!!

Hey all,
   Yesterday I worked on the Head of the kit, just basically adding some bulk to the areas that needed them.  I think it turned out well.  I used my putty and styrene to add the bulk to the sides of the head, the spiky prominences on the side, the brim of the cap, the chin, and the crest.  It turned out like this:

Monday, February 20, 2012

Build Off: Update on the Forearm Armor

Hey all,
   Today I worked on the remaking the forearm armor to look more like the NG kit.  I wanted it to have similar lines and panels, just with more bulk and a little meaner looking angle.  This is how it turned out:

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Build Off: Minor update on the lower legs

Hey all,
   I did a small amount of work yesterday to make the legs look more like the original Providence design by adding a little flare to the bottom of the foot guard and making intakes for the lower leg armor.  Doesn't look like much was done I know, but it was a good degree of work.

I started by making the vents, drilling out the shape for them in the leg, sanding the area down smooth and then filling the cracks and seams with super glue and baby powder.  Then I went and did my typical light clean up with putty and primer.  The knee intake still needs some cleanup and to be smoothed out, and a little bit on the lower intakes.  I'm looking forward to making the back of the leg soon too.  Here is my plan for that:

I haven't started on the rear of the leg yet.  Here is what I did yesterday however:

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Build Off: Hummingbird vs. thehelmosengine!!

Hey all,
   I've been a lazy ass lately and have been spending my time building but not posting.  So I hope to catch the few of you who follow me up on what I've been doing.  Somewhat on a whim I picked up my 1/100 Providence Gundam from the Seed series and decided that I wanted to MGify it.  Well I chose to kitbash and scratchbuild parts to meld it to the RX-78-2 OYW frame.  Well once I had started that I was talking to my friend Gary who you may know as Hummingbird on the forums, and he was building his 1/100 Legend Gundam and we decided to have a build off.

Because I am still a lazy poo I've made a gif to show the quick reel of what I've done so far.

Here is where I am now:

Here is the model above the asteroid base dio that I'm making for it:

    Ok so Gary and I are having a lotta fun with this build, and he is really pulling out the stops on doing functional mods for his 1/100 Legend, so I gotta really make sure this thing looks top notch.  I will try to update here more often.  I'm really happy with how it's gone so far, and just wanted to post the work here just in case anybody missed it on the forum.  You can always click here to see the WIP build off page on the MAC forums.  It has more details on the day by day build.  

Stay tuned mechaholics!