Thursday, June 16, 2011

Char's Counterattack Diorama Part II

Tonight I started on the nightingale by taking the resin out of the purple power soak and then washed the parts with the rest of the styrene parts in warm soapy water.  It took forever.  No seriously it took so long that time actually started over and history ran up until now in a giant loop.  I have a giant beard and an AARP card now.  I used a toothbrush to clean the parts too.  Oh well it was worth it as the parts were clean when I went to paint.  Painting this thing is gonna take a lil' while, I started on the legs feeling ambitious because the parts are large, I thought painting would be easier cuz the preshading is not so difficult on large parts, but it still took forever and I only got mostly done with one leg, and I didn't even get to the upper leg armor.  So here is what I have.  I still didn't add the decals or weathering yet.  I've been battling a cold, but I've been trying to stay active nonetheless.  I guess this is a good compromise.  The mods turned out looking pretty good and integrated, but my paint scheme ended up much darker than I initially intended cuz I used a black base coat.  I was gonna do medium gray with a light red/pinkish shading, but now tha I did the dark red I like it more and I wanna keep it.  Well that's all for tonight,  enjoy.

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  1. s'lookin good boo, though I don't know how you can stand all the smokey ass air right now