Friday, June 24, 2011

1/100 Hangar Lift Truck Part II

The truck mold turned out pretty good, I could've possibly engineered the seams to be in a better spot, but besides the annoying flash to clean up the mold should work well.  Here is the mold before I carved the pour spout and air exchange spout.

I did a test pouring with some 20 minute curing alumilite resin where I used the smooth-on pigment.  It turned out pretty good, except for it wasn't poured under pressure so the parts that need the pressure to fill in pretty much just didn't.  BOO!  But the coloration turned out cool.  I used three drops of black pigment with the resin naturally being white it made a sweet gray.  That was my goal and at least that part worked.  I also made a boo boo in that I didn't add registration bumps to the mold, although to be honest it's bumpy enough that it may not be an issue.  But I'm not sure

when it comes to pressure casting.  Here is my first trial, without pressurization and using alumilite resin.

Forgive the flash, it really couldn't be helped with the way
I made the mold.  Here are some more pics with better lighting. 

Now I'm still waiting on the 4 Hour Curing Smooth Kast 310 I used to cure.  I'm hoping the mold doesn't distort without the registration marks, and that the flash won't be too heavy or hard to trim.  I really should have remembered the stupid registration bumps, I feel stupid.  Live and learn I guess.  I am happy that the surface texture of the part is pretty good though, not big company smooth, but pretty damn good for hobby casting.  I will of course be able to improve on this as my skill in casting and mold engineering increases.  I will update with the 4 hour cast when I get a chance and it's cured.  Enjoy my followers!

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  1. I think it looks good poo. Gold star.