Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Good news and bad news

Hey all,
    I guess the blog title sounds a bit more ominous than it really is, but it's been a day of mixed things.  I had planned to print out the drekky instruction manual and finish up the packing for sending out, but that was before our male ferret started having seizures and had to be put down.  It's been a rough year for relatives passing away.  Le sigh.  And the not necessarily comparable but still downer problem I was having with a particular mold today just compounded my already kinda crappy day.  (I have a particular mold where the surface of the mold keeps getting a weird matte surface quality to a part that is usually pretty glossy, the parts are still good but it just makes it look like there is a surface quality flaw and I don't know why it's happening.)  So today I just haven't really felt much in the mood to do anything productive. 

  I did, however decide that it would be a good day to maybe start rounding up the cured lenses and toy with them for a few minutes.

I'm pleased that a good portion of the lenses came out wonderful.  Some were oddly shaped or distorted and gotta be tossed out, but most were good.

I took one of my old kits that I modified a little bit when I was first learning to model (an old crappish kampfer mod I did) and cemented on a little bit oversized pink lens.  I used pink as in the animations usually the mono eyed mobile suits have pink eyes when the suit is on.  I used a slightly oversized eye because it catches the light a little better and shows off the clarity.  The smaller better sized version is harder to photograph well, but I do have plenty of those too.  I think I'm gonna use these for my SMS Kampfer conversion kit I'm gonna build soon.  Anyhow here are some eye lens photos.

DISCLAIMER: The work and paint on this kampfer head is old and I just grabbed it to test out the mono eye lens, it's not my current work.  

I think these are gonna be sweet to use on a variety of scopes, shield generator sensors, mono eyes, and a complex series lens I plan to simulate soon with clear lenses.  That's gonna look sweet I think, but I'll let you be the judge when I post it.  I also plan on making a small attachment for one of these lenses and a proper camera eye base for the drekky, even though I'm only gonna sell a couple.  So far I have made multiple sizes of these lenses for clear, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, pink, and red.  I can do violet too but I'll hold off until I can think of a need for them. 

On a side note I decided to also make myself a phone case and I used my logo with Japanese text.  I should be getting it in a week or less.  I needed a case and it's always fun making custom products.  Here is what it should look like when done.

The symbol is my handeye logo just a little bit larger than the case, so the white/black text is on the corner of the phone case.  I also updated the eye of my logo to be the asterisk (*) in honor of my Father in Law who recently passed.  He was fond of Kurt Vonnegut and the * was commonly called Vonnegut's Asshole, because he used it in his novel Breakfast of Champions to depict one.  Anyway my Dad-in-law was one of the reasons I had space to ever learn to do most of my modeling, and he never got to see me finish any of my projects and I really wish he had.  This is for you old man, I miss ya!

Well on a less somber note I should have updates on the drekky shipping out soon, the LG casts coming along, and hopefully I can post the decal layout sometime this week.  Thanks to you all for reading. 

Stay tuned mechaholics...

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