Saturday, October 27, 2012

Decal Design

Hey all,
   I think I have the close to finalized versions of what the decal are going to look like.  This is just for the large trace line decals that I drew up in this outline sketch:

I did add some angles and variations to them as the ones in the sketch were just for a rough idea.  This of course doesn't include all the little various warnings and small text decals, it's just for those unique to this kit.  Here is the sheet, the layout of the decals may change to suit a more efficient use of page space, but you'll get the idea.

With the Part Outlines
Without the Part Outlines or Path Strokes
I'm going to work with
Kamm to get these doods laid out and printed soon so I can do the box art paint up.  Hopefully all goes well!  I designed these edge tracing outlines because I saw the decals on the Sinanju and really liked how they designed them, so I emulated that but with a bit more variation and breaking up of the lines. 

Also as on the casting I have started putting all the finished parts into small bags to free up table top space.  It is soooo much better than stacking them haha.  But it is deceptive as to how many parts have actually been made so far. 

I will keep you all updated as Wifey and I make progress.  On a similar subject this coming year I plan to get an injection molding press and start using that for my production, which should help with mold registration issues (seam lines and such) and hopefully the longevity of the molds.  Right now I may only get between 8-20 pouring out of one mold depending on the complexity of the part.  I hope to get many more without losing any detail.  I will keep you all posted as that happens.  I hope you guys are excited!  I hope to start my box art paint up soon.

Stay tuned mechaholics...


  1. Very cool bro. What the type printer that you use to your decals?