Thursday, October 11, 2012

LG Crowned King Armor pack and Casting Update

Hey all,
   I recently had an issue with one of the molds where a piece of the mold rubber just broke off.  The part was the crotch/tailfin armor and that mold was a pain to make.  So I had a little soul searching to do to decide how to proceed.  I basically just decided to remake the mold as it was, and the molds for a few other parts where the mold was getting worn out for some reason or another.  This is what I spent the last weekend doing with wifey between other things.  The problem came in on Monday night when I went to separate the molds.  They had sealed together.  It turns out that I had used Mann Ease release 300 mold release instead of 200, and the silicone had basically just cured to itself right through the release, since the 300 isn't made for releasing rubber from rubber.  After I had a major rage spell, I tried to cut the parts out of the molds.  I ended up snapping the prototype for the crotch armor altogether.  I really only needed to still make the casts for the white versions of the kit with this mold, but still now no mold, no parts.  Well I came up with a solution that I liked so I went with it.  The Crowned King Armor pack.  The deal is that the white casts of the kit are going to come with a few extra add ons that have a little bit heavier armor than the gray casts.  This solution allowed me to make a new crotch armor piece with a little bit thicker plating for the armor, and to make a few new neat extra parts that will basically just be a neat difference between the gray and white casts.  Here are the basics parts of the Armor Pack.

-New optional head crest
-New optional bicep armor
-New optional front skirt armor
-New optional Hulkatr Cannon weight block
-New optional lower leg armor
-for the white kits a mandatory different heavy armor tailfin cover

Also here is my casting update photo keeping in mind that I'm two and a half weekend (more casting on weekend days) days behind schedule:

Now I'm gonna show a little more of the basic parts I made the last two days.  I am planning to further refine the head crest design in the next few days and maybe cast the new parts this weekend or maybe Mon/Tues.  Here are the parts individually, they are easy to see as they are all white plastic, and in need of cleanup.
the optional Cannon Weight Block (slightly different shape and a bit larger)
the optional lower leg armor (has a slight protrusion on the front lower toe area)
the optional front skirt bar (x2) and the new heavy plate tailfin cover (mandatory in white kits as the old mold broke, and the front skirt bars can replace the missile pods, they just snap on)

optional bicep armor
optional head crest (still being shaped)

I will hopefully finish the shaping of the crest in the next few days and then I'll clean up all the parts and get them ready for castin.  Third times a charm and all that.  Although I suppose it may be the first for these parts. 

And yes for anybody who wants them I will of course add them into the gray kits if they are asked for for a couple extra bucks, but the white kits will come with them by default.  Hopefully all goes well this weekend and I can make some good headway with the part inventory.  LMK your thoughts guys if you like the new optional add ons, and if any of you guys want them added in.  I'll update soon when I have more for you guys, and I will be working on a small scratch building tutorial soon I think which I will post here and youtube.

Stay tuned mechaholics...


  1. looks wicked man, love the head especially.

    1. Thank you sir! I love that you took the time to let me know brothah! Thank you so much man. I still have photos of your concrete hangar dio that I look at for inspiration.

  2. Awsome Awsome want Want WANT!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Marc I love you. hahaha. Thanks bro that really made me feel like I was doing a good job when I read that.

  3. Looks sick man. Still loving the orig build for me though. Sorry to hear about all the challenges. Good job overcoming them.

    1. Thanks Russ! Nah it's cool, comes with the good stuff that I fail a lot too. It did give me the chance to make some cool stuff though I think, even though they still need some detailin. And I will make sure to keep your kit the core LG my friend. LMK how you like the drekky too once you get it. I'm loathe to sell any more until I get more feedback on it, I think the cast quality really isn't up to par, but I will await your feedback. I'm sure you can deal with it per your exp., but I'm not sure folks new to resin will be cool with it. LMK nerd!