Friday, October 5, 2012

Lanzegeist Casting Update!

Hey all,
   I just wanted to do an update showing my progress with the kit casting.  Here is a photo of the parts that the wife and I have poured so far.

What we are doing is basically pouring the entire quantity that we need for each part to make 10 kits, and then moving on to the next set of parts.  It seems to be the most efficient way.  Like I said I am going to be casting 10 copies of the kit before we move, and so far I have to say 8 of them are reserved.  If you have let me know that you want one I appreciate it, but you may want to do so again so I know for sure.  If the number of kits requested is above 10 I may make a few exceptions up to maybe 12-14, but no promises as I do have time constraints and such.  So again if you want a kit cast, make sure to either comment below or better yet email me at and use the subject header "lanzegeist kit".  That way I'll know to add you to my list and make sure yours is reserved.

Here is a video update showing basically what you see above, but with the moving pictures of a cinematograph!

Video link in case video is not embedded correctly:  Lanzegeist Casting Update Video!

I will hopefully have another update soon with the layout of the decal sheet.  I think you all will really like the designs, and there will be a special treat that I'll talk about more as I get closer to the sale date.

Just a recap for those interested in a lanzegeist kit:

-$100 USD (and you pay your own preferred shipping)
-kit will come with custom decals made by Kamm-Mecha specifically designed for this kit
-kit will have fully laid out easy to understand instruction manual (only in English right now, but perhaps I can get friendly modelers who are bilingual to help out with translation in the future)
-kit comes with stand, clear parts, screw sets, and casted in either gray or white (while supplies last)
-kit should be reserved to guarantee a cast (of course only for those who are interested in getting one) as probably only 10 will be made at first, maybe up to 14 possibly if time allows

That is all for today, I will have more for you soon in the coming days and weeks.

  Stay tuned mechaholics...

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