Friday, October 12, 2012

Crowned King ..uh...Crown Update!

Hey All,
   As the wife and I are pluggin along at making casts  I decided to fiddle with the head crest a bit more tonight.  And although I wasn't gonna add anymore prongs to it (Gary had said it looked to have enough in that department and I kinda agreed) I did it anyway cuz after the shape being cut down a hair I thought there was too much empty space above the crest.  I also added a long range targeting camera which will have one of my new clear lenses in it.  The crest is gonna be cast in at least four or five pieces so I can even cast it, and hopefully then it will work.  I may add a little more detail and shave down some more, maybe not.  Either way though here is what I did tonight.  Again these parts are just fun optional parts and won't affect the kits if you guys don't wanna put the parts on, they are just extra.  (Except for the crotch/tailfin heavy armor sleeve for the white kits)

I like the new targeting camera a lot.
I added the extra normal camera/eyes also as per my little sketch plan.
I thought it would be cool to have a face within a face.
Forgive the pouring sprues still being attached, I just grabbed a couple of fresh casts for the chest parts.
I'll have a better idea of if this stuff looks cool once it's cast.  Right now the mottling of color throws it off.

Well that's about it for tonight, I'm gonna go and do that sleepin thing.  I do have an interesting note for something pertaining to the kit though.  My friend that is working with aluminum is gonna try to make a copy of the base stand and support arm for me in aluminum, and if it works out I will get him to make some extra copies that I'll sell also.  The upside of aluminum is there is no chance of the support arm bending or breaking really, and you gotta admit metal just looks freakin kewl sometimes.  Well I will keep you all up to date on this as stuff happens.

Thank you all for following me and I always appreciate your comments!

Stay tuned mechaholics...

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