Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Drehksturm WIP Part II

I got my Rifles for the Drehksturm in today!  Yay!  They did however require me to shave the surface of the models with an xacto blade for about 4 hours.  Much as I would have liked to receive them ready to cast, such was not.  Oh well, xacto fixed that.  I prepped the larger rifle and took some photos of it being held by the Drehksturm.  LOOOK!

I then prepped the mold and made it.  I tried to use some of the learned mistakes of my past mold making to make this mold better.  I made four pour spouts so at least one can function as an air exchange spout, and they are all at the highest points in the mold so they can fill in without trapping air.  I made the registration bumps, and tried to make the clay pretty smooth.  I made the clay easier to work with by putting it in the microwave for four runs of 30 seconds.  Not two minutes straight, it DOES make a difference.  The only sucky thing is I used mold max 27 T which is a translucent silicone (which is cool) but it says degassing is necessary and I didn't use my degassing setup.  I was hoping curing the mold under pressure would do, which it may, I will see tomorrow.  As usual, here's hoping it works.  Wish me luck!

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