Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Drehksturm WIP Part VIII

Ok so it was yesterday that I actually worked on this stuff, but I'm posting today cuz I was le tired.  I did a lot of little stuff, but it added a lot to the detail I think.  I added some plates to the head, I scribed some on the front crotch armor, made the remaining hand guard, and added some detail to the stabilizer/backpack unit.  I haven't made any more molds yet, but I will probably this coming week, as I tend to make molds on days where I haven't done any building.  Makes me feel productive while I'm playing video games.  hehe. 

 Here is the scribing on the crotch armor.

Here is the other hand guard:

For the head and backpack, I added some ridges that make it look like the rudders move, I added some thruster vents, and some random armor ridges that just make it look cool.  hehe. 

Now some more photos of the greater whole.  My favorites always.

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