Friday, July 15, 2011

Drehksturm WIP Part IV

Ok it's been about a week, and I've been making some of the molds to get this guy casted.  I do still of course have some more work to do on the core, and the backpack, (and the head and shoulders) but I can start casting other parts.  I'm trying to make casts that are good workable quality so folks don't have much work to do to prep them.  That is the goal, but I'm sure there will be at least the regular amount of flash removal and possible putty needed per normal resin kits.  Anyway, here the Drehksturm with a casted knee, toe and heel.  I also made another ankle guard that has more shape to it.  I have the other one also if anybody wants that with the kit, but I'm gonna stick with the new one.  After I detail it up that is.  I also filled in the hollow spots in the leg and calve armor so it's mad heavy now, so I need to rubber band the armor.  Of course the casts will weigh less and those will be probably glued in place, even though they just snap right on the existing leg armor pins.  Well here is the progress, I will hopefully have more soon, just like many of you guys work is a lil bit demanding right now, so I may not do much in the way of building for a few weeks, just mold making.  Mold making is a bit on the "not my favorite thing to do" side, but totally necessary, and I am learning to get better at it as I go.  The downside to this is that I have many more failures than successes.  I guess I don't mind too much as I like to learn, and I can also play video games while stuff is curing so I can destress and feel like I'm making constructive use of my time.  Well here is this guy's progress.  Enjoy!  Or I will eat your face!

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