Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Drehksturm WIP part V

Alrighty guys I have almost finished making molds for the leg parts.  Just the rear calf thrusters next.  Then that part of the conversion kit will be replicable.  I think I will make the mold for that part tonight or tomorrow.  I also want to start making the arm molds soon.  One thing though for any who are gonna want to buy one of my casts for the conversion kit; the surface quality will not be totally smooth like a mainstream kit, it will require some surface priming.  Just so I warned ya.  Otherwise everything will hopefully fit perfectly and look great.  My parts I demolded today just snapped right on and look great to me!  Here is my progress.

I still need to detail up the ankle cover, and I need to figure out a way to cast the calve thruster.  It has some serious undercuts on it and it's gonna be a pain to reproduce.  I was really psyched though that my first casts came out great and snapped right on.  No struggling, no battle against air bubbles.  Just great casts the first time.  I did my normal diamond mold method, but this time I also made sure to wash the molds with diluted soap and water once before I used them.  I don't know if it helped, but it did help remove some of the mold release which I know stops the urethane resin from curing.  BLASTED MOLD RELEASE!!  Why are you so functional.  Water is also a nightmare for urethane resin casts as the resin reacts with it causing the formation of bubbles.  So before I used the molds I used my air compressor and forced the water out of the tight spots.  The project is coming along great and now for some more fun: trying out my new footie shoes!

They cost me waay more than I ususally spend on shoes (in the odd years that I do actually buy shoes) but my wife has a few pairs of these and says they really help with back pain and with posture.  I am gonna go try them out today.  I know also that I'm supposed to give them a few weeks to work as for the first few days they will make different muscles hurt as my body gets used to using more stabilizing muscle.  My brother in law introduced us to them sometime this year and I've been meaning to get some.  And by that I mean I've been meaning to complain about how they are too expensive to get, but I did some O/T this week so the cost is absorbed.  On to running!

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