Thursday, October 24, 2013

1/100 Lanzegeist Inner Frame *Official Photos*

Hey All,
   I got my new light box today for doing photoshoots, and I wanted to get the inner frame photographed so I could start putting the armor on the kit.  So without further delay here are the official inner frame box images for the kit.  (At least I think these are going to be the final images.)

I will post the full finished photos of the kit with the armor on as soon as I finish the painting process.  I still have about 5 small parts to paint and then to assemble the Hulkatr Cannon before I can do a final assembly before I take the final images.  This process has been a long time in working,and I'm nearing the finality of the box art paint up.  I will keep you all updated.

Stay tuned mechaholics...


  1. Looks great, Very good Pictures too.

    1. Thanks Marc! I'm glad they turned out ok. I'm still learning :)