Friday, September 27, 2013

LG Internal Frame Painted

Hey All!
   Today I finished the last of the internal frame parts.  So I thought to take some quick photos and share it with you!

The internals are finished, and I used a few decals here and there to add a hair of detail, but
I don't plan on doing anymore as most of this is gonna get covered by the body armor.  I still need to do a formal photo shoot before I get as far as that however.  The decals were all printed by Kamm, and the kit decals made specifically for this build were as well.  I recently bought a decal printer which I can now print decals with, but I may only do the add ons with my printer.  Now more photos!

I am working on finishing most of the armor parts now, and I'll hopefully have those ready soon.  As far as the backpack and Hulkatr cannon go, that may be another month as it takes a while for me to do this right.  I'm still no expert at painting so I take it slow.  Hope you all like the progress and feel free to leave me comments or questions below!

Oh and I'll have another update announcement on another project soon to follow this one.

Stay tuned mechaholics...

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