Wednesday, September 12, 2012

1/100 Lanzegeist Fully Transformable Kit With Full Inner Frame

Hey All,
   I have been on the forums little and less the last 6 months, and for that I apologize.  However this was for a good reason, I was working on a project that I wanted to keep secret until I had the first cast completed.  That project is:


model number: MASF-OAM-LG-001
magnus arms space fleet orbital assault machine lanzegeist
power generator: immersive fusion reactor
maximum power output: unknown
armor plating: thorexium carbide
pilot accomodation: 1 pilot extended occupancy cabin
with long term life support unit
thrust potential: theoretical top speed 18.2 km/s @ orbital alt.
thrust instrumentation: dual biaxial deflected afterburners
armaments: dual long range missile bays, "gotcha" grapple claw,
dual quad cluster bomb array, Hulkatr long range high density beam cannon
quad chest unidirectional beam condensors, two 360 degree light laser turrets,
two 360 degree medium laser turrets, two plasma beam swords,
optional magnetic deflector shield array self deploying
variable modes: high speed orbital fighter jet and humanoid fighter modes

To begin with I've been workin at this project for the last six months.  Or more realistically I took about 4 months to do most of the sculping of the parts for the kit, and it took me at least 2 months to do the mold making.  I have thus far only made this first cast, but more soon to come after I make a Drehksturm casting for my friend Russ.  I have one more mold to make for the optional fold out magnetic shield array, but that won't be ready for another two days.  I just couldn't wait to post this since I'm almost done, and I have enough to post some cool photos.

The kit is totally poseable, although quite heavy.  I have also included in the kits a base stand to hold the kit up in humanoid mode.  The feet do need to be down for it to stand however.  The kit has sturdy joints and most of the weight bearing parts have micro screws to hold the joints together.  I'm exceptionally satisfied with the casting quality I did as well.  As you may know I do all of my own design, sculpting, and casting, so everything is done in my bedroom and garage.  Thusly it has been quite an adventure in getting the cast quality to be acceptable.  The Drehksturm definitely has some rough casting areas where there is a rough texture, or difficult to remove seam lines.  The Lanzegeist (or LG is easier) is much superior in this respect.  The LG's parts are mainly all glossy and are genuinely pleasing to the eye.  (In my not so humble opinion. haha)  The transformation is super easy and fluid, and best of all no parts rub agains each other which would cause paint to scrape off after painted.  I wanted the kit to be poseable AND paintable.

I will post a good photo shoot of the full inner frame (with all the armor and backpack removed) in the next few days to show off the work I did there.  I will show the base stand then as well.

There is more to show off for the kit as well that I will share soon, such as the clear cast beam saber blade, the clear jet nose lens, optional color casts, and optional hand sets.  I will again be posting those updates soon, after I have the parts poured and ready to show off.  :B  Here is a little video teaser to show off the size of the kit in my hands.

As soon as I have all the little extras and the optional proxy inner frame head cured I will post the video showcasing that as well.  For now I must leave you with photos!

Oh and if you guys like this kit and any of my designs, do me a favor and show at least one friend this blog.  The more followers I can get, and the more popular this stuff becomes, the more I will be able to sell kits and further my creations.  (Of course you can always help me out by telling as many people about this as you can, but any help is appreciated.)  Thanks again for viewing, and feel free to leave me any comments that come to mind!

Stay tuned mechaholics...


  1. Incredible incredible work bro! ive sent you like 5messages over various things for you to see so I will just say. "Inspiring"

  2. Really good job, can't wait to huge it.

  3. Thanks Kamm and Marc! And I'm hoping to have huggable kits in boxes soon. Although I guess that could still be a little while hehe. Thanks again guys!

  4. looks really awesome much are you selling this for?

    1. Thanks soo much man! And the price tag will be $100 for the full resin kits, as soon as they are ready for packaging.

  5. You are the m***af****in man. Exceptional workmanship on display here.

    1. haha thanks my brothah! Your input was invaluable during the design phase. I don't usually seek much in the ways of criticism, but you are one of the few I ask!

  6. baku gives bamu lady bonars with his mechaskills.

    1. hahaha lovee you are retarded. I don't even know how to pronounce what you typed in as your name. <3

  7. fecking awesome stuff man, I will blog about it as soon as I get some spare time.


    1. Thanks my friend!! I really appreciate the props and let me know when you do! <3 I love attention! haha Thanks again brother!

  8. Incredible Work man! I would really love to have this kit, It's AMAZING! can't wait to own one.

  9. Thanks you so much ricardo nallar! I am doing my best to get these kits ready, I sincerely can't wait to have them ready to sell, and I will make one for you! I'm getting the decal art ready now, and working on the clear casted pieces. Thanks for your support!