Saturday, September 15, 2012

Decal Mock-up Idea and Blog Layout

Hey all,
   Yesterday I had a little bit of extra time so I decided to try to do a color scheme mock-up and layout idea for decals.  Given this is just a preliminary idea before I start making any art, but I think it has potential to look pretty cool as a decal set.  The colors I was pretty much set on a while back.  It's kind of just like my Cairn Freya but I feel like this project is almost what that project should have looked like, but I just wasn't capable of doing this kind of sculpt then.  (Hopefully in the future I can progress to a point where I think that this sculpt is amateurish haha.)  Anyway here is my color and decal mock up.

I've always loved the line decals on the MG Sinanju kit, and I wanted to do something similar to that. 
I really think it adds to the shape of the kit in a positive way.  My designs usually do have a more angular look, which I like because I think it makes the robot look more synthetic.  I dunno, I think that rounded looking robots have to really be overwhelmingly excellent designs to look good.  Or to not look like a human body suit.  Unless they look alien enough, they just look out of scale to me.  There are of course exceptions like the Sinanju and the Kshatriya and so on, but I consider those to be the exception.  Not to compare my designing skills or sculpting skills with those of Katoki's team of course, just my opinion on model mecha designs.

I will be working with Kamm from Kamm-Mecha to do my decals for the kits.  I will provide more information on his decal stuff as information becomes available, but from what I've seen his decal designs and prints are excellent and he can print in loads of colors including silver and gold decals.

I also decided to change the layout of my blog a little bit to make it load a tad faster.  I removed a few of the memory hog moving graphics in favor of simpler images.  I hope this helps more people to have user friendly load times.  

Well that's it for today, I'll try to keep the blog page updated as stuff happens.  As always if you like my blog please subscribe in the link below, or send this page to a friend who may like it. 

Stay tuned Mechaholics.....

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  1. This is awesome! I would try to back down the outline and push up the reds, otherwise it works very well. Gonna send this out!