Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Some clear parts...

Hey All,
   I just wanted to drop a quick post showin the clear parts I made yesterday.  I just wanted to test out how the parts would end up, and overall I'm pretty satisfied.  I wish the jet nose lens was a little bit shinier, but I'm not complaining, it looks pretty good.  A little dunk in some future should clear it up nice, so to those getting a kit if you want a super shiny clear jet nose lens, some Future (or Pledge with Future Shine) is in your future.  That was a horrible pun and I apologize.  Anyway the plasma blade turned out great and clear, just like I wanted.  The base stand assembly is a little bit frosted which turned out just how I wanted, although I still need to pour the stand support arm tomorrow to see how it looks.  I'm not sure whether I will make the stands clear or color casted resin, but I suppose I can give the buyer the option, the clear stand may cost a couple bucks more for the expensive clear apoxy resin, and it takes like 24-36 hours for each pouring to cure of that stuff.  Yeah it's a pain but it looks soo kewl!  Anyway photos!

  That's all for today, but I will update in a few days I think when I have the decal designs all ready.  I will share them here so you guys can get a glance at how they will look with the kit.  I just learned to use illustrator the other day and I gotta say it's super fun and easy once I got a hang of the shortcut keys.  Anyway I hope you guys like the clear parts, I'm gonna do some fluorescent clear casts of the plasma blade for the final kits I think, neon yellow, green, pink, and orange. 

Stay tuned mechaholics...

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