Monday, September 16, 2013

Final Fantasy Chocobo Tattoo

Hey All,
   Just a tattoo post today.  My most recent addition is a chocobo!  Wark!  I've always loved Final Fantasy VII, it's something that's always brought me happiness.  I sometimes listen to the soundtrack from the game (yes all four disks) and I still play the game again and again.  I've even bought multiple copies on various game systems over the years.  Reminds me of growing up with my best friend.  Anyway I wanted to get some ink from the game, and as my best friend and I are gonna get Cloud together at one point I decided on another lovable recognizable character from the franchise; the chocobo.  I picked the game art that I liked the best and I went with it.  My tattoo artist Terry Peek did an awesome job as usual and really brought this bird to life.  I got it on my forearm so I could see it all the time and smile.  Here's what it looks like:

Since I'm a pasty dood color ink really pops on my skin, and doesn't seem to fade much with time.  I have a tattoo that I got a number of years ago where the blue is still quite bright.  I'm really excited by my chocobo, it really is something that I'm super happy with and I think Terry did an amazing job.  If any of you guys are interested in a good artist and you live in WA, CA, or in Canada let me know and I'll give you his contact info.  He's a great artist and great with pricing too. 

He did a bee for my wife also that turned out super detailed.  Most of this was done spur of the moment (as far as the detail on the bee and such), and wifey is still figuring out what else to add for her sleeve theme, but this turned out so cool looking I was impressed.  He used a 1 liner needle, which most tattoo artists are told to stay away from since it's just 1 needle it will show every slight waver of the artists hand. By the way this bee is about the size of a U.S. quarter. 

In modelling related news I've been making significant progress on my LG kit for the box art.  I'm to the stage where I'm applying decals to the kit.  I still need to paint up portions of the kit such as the backpack and wings, and the hulkatr cannon though so those will be a while before I'm to the decal stage.  I am gonna have to take a week off of painting though as I need to let my arm heal before I wear long sleeve shirts to paint in again.  I will be using my time to be productive though as I plan to start making up designs for general purpose decal sheets, which brings me to my next point;

I bought an ALPS MD-5000 thermal printer for printing decals.  Yay!  It was quite expensive, but the only reason I opted to do this was that in order to buy 20 sheets of decals from Samuel Decal which everybody recommends, I would have to spend $400 USD.  To me that is patently insane.  So I just paid a little bit more than that to buy the kind of printer he uses.  I will know if it works in about a week when my lil crappy xp laptop will get here.  I need an older OS to use the printer so I just bought a cheap one on ebay.  Anyway I will have a whole separate post on my decal printing experiences and adventures on another day.  For tonight, I rest.  I will provide you all update pics of my LG soon, when I will probably have the inner frame all painted up and ready to show off. 

Stay tuned mechaholics...

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