Thursday, March 22, 2012

HANDEYE: Logo Update

Hey all,

 Second post for today but I'll keep it short, I wanted to do a second post as it's unrelated to my Providence build and build off stuff.  I'm no longer going to be working with Kamm on the Handeye workshop (no drama, and I still love his modeling), but I am still going ahead with the workshop nonetheless.  I made a cleaned up version of the workshop logo that I wanted to share as well.  Forgive the blinking gimmick, I'm nerdy and can't help myself.

hehe.  I may still go ahead with the selling of the Drehksturm Assault Type conversion kit if I get good feedback from a certain modeler who is helping me on that project, but even if I decide not to sell casts of that, I will still be producing conversion kits and other kits in the future.  My ultimate goal is to be producing full kit builds (somewhat frequently) maybe once or twice a year, and maybe some conversion kits here and there for fun.  (If you have suggestion for conversion kits that you would like to see done feel free to send me a message or drop a comment of course, but know that I usually work in 1/100 scale, and no promises, but I may choose to do it for a fun side project if I like the anime design.) I may choose to work with certain modelers on certain projects or I may end up working with some people long term if it works out and we are homogenous, but either way the workshop is going to forge ahead.  Just wanted to say that guys and gals, hope you are as excited as I am!  Feel free to post your feedback on the logo or the workshop below.  As usual, stay tuned mechaholics!

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