Monday, March 19, 2012

Build Off: Recessed Access Panel On Leg

Hey All,
   Yesterday I decided to go head and make the access panels on the side of the leg armor recessed.  The way I did this was by building a frame around the panels using thin rectangular styrene rods, and then using putty to graduate the sides up to meet the rods.  This gives the illusion that the panels are recessed or make them recessed by raising up the area around them.  End result being something I'm kinda happy with.  Still needs cleanup, but it's looking pretty good so far I think.  PHOTOS!

It's almost done!  Just need to make the rear insert of the lower leg, and then another vent for the outside of the left leg and then casting.  Yay!  I'm soo close I can taste it.  Not literally that would probably taste like plastic.  Mmmmmm plastic.  Stay tuned mechaholics!!

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