Thursday, March 1, 2012

Build Off: Proviupdate!!

Hey all,
   I've been too lazy to post my updates here lately but now it's overdue so here it is.  I've recently done a bit of work on the body such as:

  • The shoulders- Added some shaping to the pauldrons, added different intake vents on the left side and a hanging arm cover
  • The waist- Added some thickness
  • The chest- Added some protrusion on the main prominence
  • The Dragoon funnels- Added some to the fins to make them flare out more (Backpack flat ones only)
  • The Shield- Sealed the arm cover and attached it to the forearm armor
  • The Leg Armor- Totally redid it like four times and finally got the basic shape right at least
  • The Foot- Remade the foot, added new toe claws and ridges
Here are tons of photos with my updates:

Other fun photos: (fun for me hehe. It's my blog shutup!)

Here is my comparison with the NG legs, some parts are quite similar, mainly the front, the sides not so much.  The legs are still not done, just the basic shape.  They will get more work soon:

That's what I've been up to lately.  I hope to get the backpack thrusters done soon as those will really tie it all together.  I need to make the intake on the croch armor a bith larger too as in the anime it was always a bit pronounced.  I need to raise the height of the sideskirt mounts a bit too to come above the front skirts, the funnels for the rear skirt armor need to be thickened a bit, the chest hoses need to be replaced with rubber hoses, and I need to make the new vulcans for the chest and shoulders.  Oh and add the hoses to the shield.  Well I hope you guys like the work so far!  Don't be afraid to leave comments if you wanna!  Stay tuned mechaholics...

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