Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Zaku Group Build: Rhal Kutrie Backpack Idea

Alright fellow mechanerds,
    I've been thinking on the backpack and peripherals idea, and what Aulon suggested resonated with me, so I drew up a sketch and am deciding to run with it.  Aulon suggested why not have remote controlled shields that connected to the backpack.  Well mate, brilliant idea and I'm gonna add to it.  I remembered looking at the deep striker and that it had a large array that looked like either a shield generator or a ladar jammer.  For my purposes I'm gonna make one similar (in that it will have three large fins on a large disk shaped object) but there will be two of them that launch from the backpack, and are energy shields like on the F-91.  (Or like the Drehksturm Assault Type shield.)  The disks will have bell thrusters that will retract into the backpack, and will be controlled via laser transmission.  The shield idea is basically a large EM field protects the Rhal Kutrie from damage via munitions or lasers that can be disrupted via EM.  Plasma will still melt em though.  (Gotta have some nerd food right?  I would eat it.)  Anyhow here is my goofy line drawing sketch.  I'm sure you probably get the idea.

The large rectangular afterburners are for thrust obviously, and I'm sure I will add a small extra bit of details when I actually make it.  I don't think I'll make the pack huge otherwise, as I really want to show off the idea of the deployable energy shields.  (Aulon gets smarty pants good idea points.  Love ya bro!)  I am really looking forward to this build.  Stay tuned mechaholics.  (Or don't and you won't get nerdfood.)

Again here is also the mech idea that this backpack is going to go on, just in case you missed it.

And here is the sketch I made originally so you can laugh at my art skillz.  haha.


  1. the thingy on deepstrike is in fact an I-field generator wich creats a shield covering entire suit from beam shots,
    Glad you like my idea mate ;)

  2. hmmm neat. Still gonna go with the idea as is methinks. Thanks for the info mate. I don't wanna make a godmode suit, just a heavy assault suit.

  3. it wasn't realy god like, i-field has time constraints and powerfull shots make that time even shorter, or can break through.

    let's look for an Crossbone X-3 for example - it has 2 compact i-field generator mounted in forearms, i don't remember exact times BUT genrator could provide defence for 60 seconds then had to cool down for 75 seconds, wich would mean that for 15 seconds suit was left defensless (as it had no other shield ), and 15 seconds may not seem like a long time BUT in the middle of battle even 1 second with no defence can be deadly.