Saturday, November 19, 2011

Rhal Kutrie: Heavy Particle Battery Rifle....but better!

Hey all,
  I have been playing skyrim obsessively for the last week, I think I've maybe played about 75 hours in a week.  So obviously I haven't done much in the way of modeling or sketching.  I did decide to make a line drawing of a sketch I did the other day, and I think it looks much cooler than the crappy one I sketched up before.  It's gonna be a kinda big cannon, and in the image with the Rhal Kutrie in it, the cannon is to scale I believe.  It should look pretty big, as that was the effect I wanted.  I may decide to get this cannon 3d printed, even though I told myself I wouldn't do that again because of all the cleanup required.  I just think I like the idea of it looking exactly like what I sketch up without any distortion.  I just will have to make sure I do a ton of cleanup, and I may have to cast it twice.  The first time just to make sure I still have something to go back to in case I damage it, and the second time just to make a perfect copy. 

Heavy Particle Battery Rifle in the picture is to scale with the mecha, yeah I know it's gonna be kinda big.  Yay!
The ammo clip under the gun is on a pivot so the clip comes down to eject and reload.  I think it will probably just be a battery pack, not actual munitions, despite the shape.  The gun itself won't actually have any moving parts on it as that would just make it much more difficult to cast, but I will make the mechanisms look realistic enough to look functional.  This does fit way better with the heavy armament feel IMO.  Ugggh  I just ate my second lemon poppyseed muffin and I feel icky.  That is all mechoholics, stay tuned for the build soon.

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