Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rhal Kutrie Rifle 3D Print: It's gonna look great methinks

Hey all,
    yesterday I made up my 3d version of my rifle design for the Rhal Kutrie, and I gotta say I'm pretty psyched about it.  I don't think this will count as us starting the build early as I'm not working on it really until I get the print (and it's only the rifle) but either way I'm still excited about it.  I ordered the part to be 3D printed by shapeways.com, for those of you interested in getting some 3d parts printed for cheap they are a good site.  Again it is my design that I created and then made into a simple 3d model (or 2.5d for those of you who are professionals in this field more experienced than myself) and I sent the model to their website and chose a material to have the part printed in.  Here is what the part looks like with neat sketchy line art in sketchup.

  The idea with the clip is that it used plasma cells that are inserted vertically into the igniter shaft which then shoots flaming plasma out into the wide world of destructible mecha.  the clip theoretically would eject by the pivot cylinder which would make the magazine face down like a normal clip and eject that way.  The grip will also look like it pivots, though it will probably be fixed position to make it easier for me to cast, and to improve the detail quality of the piece.  I had to shorten the barrel a hair to make the part fit into the bound box of the printer that uses my chosen material.  I will probably have to cast this gun at least twice, one for the prototype, one for a cleaned up version.  Hopefully that will be all on the casting for the rifle.  I also plan to add more details to the cleaned up version when I am satisfied with the surface quality.  The more details I add in the printing stage though the more headache I will have cleaning it up.  Better to add that stuff later.  Here is the gun to scale on a Zaku Cannon MG:

I probably won't get the part until xmas or right before or after it.  It does take a while for them to print in the material I chose, but I can't wait.  I really need to finish another of my builds first, but that one I will keep secret for now.  I am gonna do my formal blognouncement of my partnership with Kamm soon, as soon as I have some photos to show off his work so you nerds can drool over it.  I guess I just announced it, but I will make a formal post soon on that.  More details to come.  Here are more sketchy images of the rifle, it's gonna be a large part and I can't wait!

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