Saturday, November 26, 2011

2012 Mecha Contest: The perfect way to end the world.

Hey all,
   I just wanted to take a few minutes to fill in anybody who reads this (you select few people you) on the 2012 Mecha Contest that Kamm and Sneeper1980 are hosting on MAC forums.  HERE is the youtube video showing some of the contest sponsors and categories. 

    The contest is looking to be somewhat amazing compared to any modeling contest I've seen, and to be quite honest it's probably gonna be amazing both in the talented people who enter pieces, and the prizes being given to both winners and many just for people entering at all.  Yep that's right, we could win prizes just for entering the contest at all, not to mention prizes being given out for loads of categories and some as judge picks, sponsor picks, and popular vote picks.  There are over 50 prizes being given out, which is better than most contests by multiples, and the prizes are awesome prizes too.  Like PG gundam kits, five star stories full resin kits, some rare kits like the tachikomas from ghost in the shell, and loads more I can't even remember.  You can click HERE for the full page of prizes being given out.  Seriously it's around a full page.  For those of you who love mecha of all kinds, Gundam, FSS, Amored Core, hell any mecha models at all you should not only enter this contest, but get your friends to enter it.  Spread the word mechaholics, and lets have fun.  Can't think of a better way for the world to end.  Stay tuned as well mechaholics, I'll be getting back into the building here soon, and thanks for sticking with the blog.

To enter the contest, read the rules, read the incredibly long list of prizes, or just check out what the fuss is about click HERE

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