Thursday, August 4, 2011

Drehksturm WIP Part XI

Today I decided to focus on the shoulder pauldron.  Since the prototype part I've been working on is in some parts made of vinyl, it's a bit difficult to sand it down, so I made a spare one made of resin.  But since the spare came out pretty good and wasn't too horrible on the surface quality, I decided that the prototype I had been using was fine to use for the casting for the final product.  Long story short I am still gonna use the vinyl containing part to make the master.  Anyway since I now had an extra shoulder pauldron I decided to use it for the photos so you can get a rough idea of how it will look in the finality of the project, except that the final casts will look like the more detailed shoulder but on both sides.  Le sigh.  Finality...sounds so.. final.  harumph. 

Anyway here was my lil' sketch I made as a guide to today's build:
Here is how it turned out, mind you the rough parts will be sanded later.  They are just putty and primer.
I also decided to clean up the hip skirts and the crotch armor, and then my favorite stinky after school activity: PRIMING! And now my massive photo dump that I love so much to fill a post with.  PHOTOS!