Saturday, October 25, 2014

New spikey mirrors!

Hey all,
   For my birthday present my Mom-in-law got me a delightful gift certificate that I promptly used to get some spikey mirrors for my bike.  Thanks Mom 2.0!  They fit with my bike perfectly on my sort of batman-esque theme.  They installed pretty easy and look good.  They're smaller than my previous mirrors, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.  I took them for a drive earlier today in between rain storms and they held up well.  They didn't vibrate out of alignment, and I can see on them just fine.  I really like them a lot and I'm grateful for my latest new birthday addition to Shiki.  Hope you all like them.  Now for a photo collage!

Here are some more pics:

Stay tuned bikeaholics...


  1. Sweet ride you monster .... how have you been buddy?

  2. Thanks Dr. Garyface! I've been happy and healthy. Bunch of new tattoos haha. How've you been you rascal?!