Thursday, October 9, 2014

I bobbed out my Motorcycle!

Hey all,
   I know I've been a bit of a lazy bum lately and don't have anything new to post.  In fact I probably have a few comments to reply to as well.  Sorry to anyone who took the time to comment and didn't receive a response from me.  Anyway today I wanna post about the project I've been working on for a few months.   Bobbing out my 2013 Honda Shadow Phantom.  Here is what she looks like now.  I call her Shiki. 

I say I've been working on this for awhile as it's taken me a few months to get the money to buy all the parts and figure out how to install them.  It's never as easy as just buying things and putting them on is it?  Not in my experience.  For every modification you do there is a tool you'll need to buy, or sealant for rust prevention, or this or that.  It all adds up.  And thus the time frame for doing this all.  My bike is almost brand new as I bought it with just over 1000 miles on it.  Normally I think people wait until the bike is older to chop them, but when I make up my mind that I want something I go for it.  I am super happy with the results.  First lets start with a photo of how the bike looks stock.

I wanted a Phantom to begin with, so we saved money and got one.  Then I started seeing different bikes that were customized and I started following suit.  First thing is usually adding bags or windshields.  I added a memphis bullet fairing first.  Then not being satisfied I got a little tool bag to carry some small essentials with me.  I also added 2 inch risers to my stock bars as I was a bit uncomfortable with the bars so low that I had to lean forward.  Next I saw some custom bobbers (a style of customized motorcycle) that I fell in love with.  I found a site that sells kits for import bikes to make them bobbers called Blue Collar Bobbers.  For around $1200 I got all the parts I needed to change the whole rear end of my bike to look like the images below.  I did most all of this installation myself.  From chopping the frame with a grinder to the electrical hook ups for the lighting.  (The kit walks you through it and it's pretty easy.)

I had the seat laser engraved to have a chocobo on it and some tag art text that reads "baku goes here" with the here being a down arrow.  I like it a lot and it looks mcsweetberries on the bike.  My riding buddy disagrees but I likes it haha.  I also changed out the exhaust and put on Vance and Hines short staggered exhaust.  (My riding buddy Terry did most of the work on the exhaust system from the air cleaner to the exhaust to the fuel controller!)  It went from sounding like a moped, barely audible under most circumstances, to being insanely loud to the point where it drowns out custom choppers with beastly engines in idle.  I could not be happier with it.  Terry also installed a spikey air cleaner for it.  To top off the killer blacked out spikey bobber look. 

On a side note it was really funny for me sitting at a gas station today before we got my bike DYNO tuned, these two custom choppers rolled in.  I nodded to the riders and they ignored me even though they plainly saw me and went by me.  Perhaps a perceived slight but more likely they refused to acknowledge me as my bike isn't a harley.  (I get that a lot.)  As they went by me they revved their engines and I heard their aftermarket exhaust and the bikes sounded good.  Pretty grumbly.  When I finished fueling I turned mine on and my little 750 cc honda drowned out their beefy expensive choppers to the point where you couldn't hear them at all.  I just chuckled.  I think they were surprised.  Nothing against harley's as I like some of them a lot and I may get one in the next years (night rod special because I need a two seater for longer trips) but the attitude and hyped brand loyalty really kills me.  I dont' get it.  Attitude is baditude.  That's brilliant.  Write that down. 

Anyway the last addition was the fuel controller.  Terry hooked this up for me as well as he'd done this numerous times on all his sport bikes in L.A.  After that I drove it around a bit and today decided to get it DYNO tuned following Terry's and my Dad's advise.  I figured I want the bike to be efficient and most of all I want my engine to last so I called around and got an appointment with 2 Wheel DynoWorks in Woodville Washington.  Nels did an awesome job and fixed my bike for me for free.  We had a problem with a couple of vacuum hoses and he fixed it up super quick and at no charge.  My tuning came out great and was around $175.  I'd definitely recommend him to anyone in the Washington state Seattle/Tacoma area for DYNO tuning on import bikes.  Smart guy who educates you while he's working.  Loves what he does obviously. 

I think this project was really fun to do and I love the outcome.  I still want to get the fenders and the tank repainted eventually with black and copper pinstripes, but that will be sometime this winter.  Hope you all enjoy!

Stay tuned bikaholics..... (get it ....tuned....see what I did there?)

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