Wednesday, August 14, 2013

SD Gundam Tattoo Update..err...again!

Hey all,
   Just a quick update for my tattoo.  I added the shoreline behind the ball unit, and a comet/meteor with it's tail coming out of the yellow street lines.  Simple enough, but necessary as background.  I still need to get the street gray filled in beneath the hover truck, and I may add a hole in the concrete above the hover truck.  Here is the progress so far.

I'm loving how it's turning out.  I still need to plan out which objects will get thicker lines, but I will do that a little farther along when I have a better idea of how it all looks.  I know I'm gonna thicken some of them, probably the ball, and maybe the Zaku 2. 

Here are some more pics of the update.

In other news I'm working on another top secret project that I will reveal in time.  It's not another mecha yet, although I'm working on painting my LG.  (I bought fluorescent strip lights for the garage and now I've started painting again.)  This project is for my brother so I can't divulge anymore yet as in the off chance that he reads this it'll spoil the surprise, but I will say that it's gonna be a scratch built, hand sculpted piece that I'm casting and painting for him.  My hope is that he loves it.  Well I will update you all as soon as I can.  

Stay tuned mechaholics...


  1. NICE TATTOO RC, I hope you will still cast the LG would love to have one. Btw I still love looking at your Drehksturm it really is a coool looking Mech ;)

    1. Thanks Marc! Yes I will most definitely finish casting the LG's and one has your name on it. I would be finished with them but I lost a few bags of the small parts before moving and I'll have to remake the molds for them. Thanks again for the compliments too, but you're the one who brought the Drehksturm to life with your paint. I am really looking forward to seeing how you paint the LG. Oh and on a side note do you know a good place to order specialty decals? I have an illustrator file made up I just need them printed.