Thursday, December 22, 2011

Rhal Kutrie: Heavy Particle Battery Rifle Came!

Hey all,
   I haven't really started doing any building on the Rhal Kutrie yet, but I have received the 3D print of the 3D model I made of the rifle.  The heavy particle battery rifle was intended to be a bulky blockish power house particle cannon that will compliment the design of the Rhal Kutrie nicely IMO.  Here is a photomanipulated mock up I did with the rifle being held by a Zaku Cannon I had handy.

  Now to start off with, the rifle isn't perfectly 100% as smooth as it needs to be for a cast, so I will probably end up casting this prototype first, cleaning up the cast from that, and then casting that cast again for a more perfect version that will be sellable.  Here are some more photos of the actual part without manipulation.

  Also keep in mind the Zaku Cannon is not the Rhal Kutrie obviously, and the heavy particle battery rifle is supposed to compliment the Rhal Kutrie design not the Zaku Cannon.  I just wanted to show the size comparison and the functionality.  I will update again more when I have officially started building this kit up.  I still need to wrap up the project I'm working on now which I will post as a surprise when it's done.  Stay tuned mechaholics!

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