Monday, September 5, 2011

Drehksturm WIP Part XVIII

Casting, casting, far I have been making good progress.  Oh and before I continue I want to give a heartfelt shout out to my Dad for giving me the pressure pot that makes all this possible.  THANKS DAD FOR THE PRESSURE POT ONE OF THE MOST USEFUL TOOLS I USE! I now have a mountain of molds and more on the way!  Keep in mind that each half of a mold takes 24 hours to cure so I think I'm making good time.  Also all the molds for the entire Assault Type conversion will be done probably in two or three days.  So after that I will just be amassing parts for the boxed kits.  Oh and in case I failed to mention it I am making two different types of kits for the conversion, the Assault Type, which is what I'm molding now which has missiles and guns and a short afterburner for quick burst thrusts and military assaults.  The Recon Type I will be working on after this one is done will be geared for espionage and recon work.  It will have longer thrusters and more cloaking gear like LADAR jammers and Radar jammers, proximity mines, long burn thruster and long swallow tail like deflectors, and custom intakes on the torso to look more elegant and to muffle noise and static generated by the reactor and components.  Long story short, two types one is almost finished, one is still being worked on.  Here are the mold for the Assault Type so far:

Here is the first casted copy which shows which parts are finished being cast and thus which parts still need to be done.  I have the molds curing for the shoulder armor, the ankle armor, the shield and mount, a rudder, and the triple pods launcher currently.  After those molds I only have to make one or two small molds which should take two more days.

Yaay!  One of my first goals in making models was to eventually make and sell something I had created.  Given this is just a conversion kit, but still no small amount of work!  I eventually want to make my own full kit, but it will take time, and I want to make a couple more conversion kits first. 

If you are interested in buying one of the Drehksturm Assault Type Conversion Kits, they will cost USD $70.00 and you will be responsible for paying for the shipping type of your choice.  (This would be 49.67 euros, or 43.44 british pounds, and again you would pay for whatever shipping is available, since I live in the U.S. it would be whatever shipping was available to wherever you want the kit shipped.)  These are going to be cast in a severely limited fashion and will all have the cast number included with the kit so you will know which cast you have.  I plan on making ten casts, but if enough interest is shown I may make up to 20, but I doubt any more.  So with each kit you will get a slip i.e. "Cast 02".  I'm still working out the details of the decals out with my partner in this venture and I will post more on that as soon as it's decided upon.  If you are interested in one of these contact me either through the blog, or at my email address and include in the email subject line Drehksturm Conversion Kit so I know what it's about.  Thanks guys for your support! 


  1. haha Thanks my friend! I have one half of one mold left to pour! So close!