Thursday, April 10, 2014

Shiny Metagross Sculpture Diorama

Hey all,
   This project was first and foremost a birthday present for my brother.  I asked him what his favorite pokemon was (we're into pokemon, he's much better at it than me though) and he answered me Metagross.  Then without him knowing exactly why I was asking I started sculpting a large sized model of a metagross that I could cast and paint up for him.  This is the final product after the master sculpt (the master sculpt is the sculpted model I made by hand and the one I used to cast, I'm not calling myself a master), the casting, the painting, and the same for the model desert base.  (also resin plastic original sculpt by me.)

This is one of the images I used for my reference (not my drawing, just used for reference):

Now to explain how I made it.