Monday, May 13, 2013

SD Gundam Tattoo

Hey All,
   Still don't have my workshop setup yet, but in the mean time I've gotten a sweet 1/4 sleeve tattoo started (and almost done) showing a SD RX-78-2 and a SD Char's Zaku II fighting in a cartoony city.

The outlines will be done next session.

A tattoo artist name Terry Peek has been working on it for me.  He lives

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Papercraft Metal Gear Rex.....P.S. I'm not dead!

Hey All,
    I'm not dead, I just haven't had a chance to unpack all my modeling stuffs yet.  And yes for any of you that want it I will still make a tutorial on scratch building once I get my stuff all set up and I've practiced a bit again.  I'm just waiting on some of my close family to come visit and get settled before I get all my workshop stuff set up.  In the mean time I started doing a little fun project to get my hands readjusted to my blades and to get me in the modeling spirit; a papercraft version of the Metal Gear Rex!

  It took me a few days to do this and I must say for my first complicated piece of paper cutting I am pretty pleased.  I think I may do a few more papercraft projects soon such as Vaan from final fantasy XII, and if I feel brave maybe a papercraft Deep Striker.  Although that may kill me.  haha.  Or my printer toner.  I used 110 lb. card stock for the paper, white "elmer's" glue, and a couple Xacto blades.  It took about 6 sheets of paper for the parts, and 1 for the instructions.  It also had the experimental mech on the sheets but I dunno if I'll finish that one or not.  I think this was intended to be larger but when we printed it out we shrunk the pages down some, which added to the challenge of cutting insanely small parts.  Well I hope my fellow nerds like it!  I know a certain Sneeper who's a fellow Rex enthusiast.  Hopefully I can update you guys on my LG in the next month! More pics:

Stay tuned mechaholics...