Monday, May 13, 2013

SD Gundam Tattoo

Hey All,
   Still don't have my workshop setup yet, but in the mean time I've gotten a sweet 1/4 sleeve tattoo started (and almost done) showing a SD RX-78-2 and a SD Char's Zaku II fighting in a cartoony city.

The outlines will be done next session.

A tattoo artist name Terry Peek has been working on it for me.  He lives
in California near L.A., but comes into Washington state monthly doing work here as well.  So far this is from two roughly 6 hour sessions, one only two days after the other so forgive if it looks like any lines look off, it's due mainly to the scabbing from the first session.  I really love the shading he's done on the RX, the coloring and how everything fades out on the edges of the tattoo.  The shadow for the Zaku needs some work and the gray for the street, but he was doing me a favor by not going over that area any more as my arm was really feeling beat up, and might have scarred if poked any more haha.  So next session I plan on getting the final darker outlines done, which will silhouette all the individual objects, and help provide the sense that the tattoo is like a paper cutout diorama with neat layering.  Next time also will of course be any touch ups needed and any holidays filled, and anything that we see needs done.  Overall though when complete this is gonna be one badass tat methinks.  Oh and a special shoutout thanks to Mom 2.0 for giving me the Mom seal of approval.  Gave me the warm and fuzzies.  Love ya Mom and Mom 2.0!  (And Wifey as always.)

On a side note Terry also did a kick-ass job redoing an old tattoo for Wifey.  I'd go into those photos too but you can probably find them on his facebook if you are interested.  If you are in the Seattle/Tacoma Washington or L.A. California areas hit him up.  Cool guy, good work, and best of all he works with you on what you want. 

Hopefully I'll have some model related news for you guys soon!

...stay tuned mechaholics

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